Friday, 5 February 2010

15, Its Complicated

When your wife states you are accompanying her to see a chick flick 2 things happen.

1) You sweat profusely, 2 hours of total boredom, I'd rather eat raw chicken's,
2) You wonder why you never bother to fix the floorboards earlier and now would be a great time.

But then something quite strange happens. 5 minutes in you laugh out loud, then a few minutes after, you laugh again. All I can say it this was funnier than I ever thought it could be. Recently I have seen Mama Mia and Julie & Julia and both bored me stupid but this time she was hilarious. Whatever Baldwin Brother it was was also hysterical and it was a welcome change to see Steve Martin as the straight guy!!

The eldest daughters husband is a riot and three scenes will make you laugh way to loud than is normally comfortable in a crowded cinema. The Doctor, The Laptop and the Spliff at the Party are all fantastic and totally switches the usual "kids getting all the fun" to the well deserved adults - took me back!!!

Don't let any preconceptions get in the way - you should watch this. While little Baldwin was swanning around in the Big Brother House preaching the biblical truth his own Big Brother is making guys like me laugh uncontrollably in multiplexes across the UK, basically he is playing the 16 year old kid getting excited about his first lust but being older, fatter and just as daft makes it entertaining and totally watchable.

Watch this want to be surprised!!