Wednesday, 31 March 2010

25, Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang

Family Fun time, Easter is here and the run of kids films commences.....From memory the first film was funny so does this sequel live up to the hype?

Not to begin with.

Set during the first world war the film revolves around a mum with 3 kids who's husband is at war. With the snotty cousins on their way over from London to escape the bombs we are faced with 5 kids, a struggling mum, a ditzy old shopkeeper and her military copper husband, a farmer, a money grabbing uncle, a moody war office official, 2 slightly odd debt collectors, a wart ridden nanny and a bomb.

Those that have seen the original know the plot, 5 rules - Nanny's looks improve each time the kids take a step in the right direction. Happy Ending.

In comparison the kids in this are no way near as good as the ones first time out - They were more scheming, more obnoxious, far from annoying and basically like you wanted to be at 11. To top it off the lead kid in the first film is the only actor responsible so far for bringing a lump to my throat during a film (Airport Scene in Love Actually!! - SHUT UP - you loved it too!!) The problem is that the new kids start out as annoying, irritating and boring and for me this was the whole outset of the film until the pigs escaped. Then it started to get funny.

Very funny.

don't expect ground breaking CGI here but synchronised swimming and tree climbing by piglets was cute and had my 6 year old in stitches. Maggie Smith sat in a cow pat, Bill Bailey discussed intelligent pigs and Katie Brand played a blinder as a slightly mental psycho. Ryhs Ifans was smarmy, Ralph Feinnes was rude and Ewan Mcgregor stars in his shortest cameo EVER!!! so the names are there for the British talent and without them it would have died on its arse.

Maggie Gylennhall was her usual standard self - she is not impressing and I fail to see why she's famous - Her brother does a better job on screen but both lack charisma, my only hope is that his upcoming portrayal of the Prince of Persia is good as I am loving the games - but moving off point - back to McPhee.

The star as always is the writer and lead, Emma Thompson. Ugly, Hairy, Overweight she improves as the film progresses but given the choice, even in her best state I would take Mary Poppins every time!!

Two Characters make it into the sequel from the original, Nanny McPhee is a given but the 2nd only becomes apparent at the very end and I'm not going to spoil it.

It starts slow - get better and end quickly. Kids will love it but considering its not been that long the cinema was only 1/4 full - the lure of Training Dragons proved too much for some people!!!

Worth a watch? - for the kids maybe but for adults, skip it and watch Kick-ASS!!

See this can handle being DRAGGED!!