Saturday, 3 April 2010

26, The Bounty Hunter

This one has been out for a while but with an evening to spare and all the other films on at the cinema either already seen or planned to see this was all that was left.

Gerrard Butler in 300...Awesome. Gamer...Awesome. Law Abiding Citizen...Awesome. Even Nim's Island, which is my wife's favourite he is funny. Rock'n'Rolla...Awesome. But when it comes to Romantic Comedy's he falls apart. The Ugly Truth was dull and in this - Sorry but dull all over again.

So onto Jennifer Aniston... Will she always be "Rachel" from Friends? Probably. She was pretty good in Marley & Me but this one - again, dull.

That sums up the whole film. Radio One slated it giving it "1 Star" and said the best two things about it were on the chest of Jen and he was right!!! It was some pretty impressive under-wiring by her wardrobe department but the film was no where near as buoyant!!

The plot was slow, predictable and never really managed to get going. Butler was cheesy and Aniston managed to get through the entire movie in the same mini skirt, vest top and heels. She managed to totter around for 90 minutes not even breaking a sweat, a strap or a heel.

Gerrard played the goof ball ex-husband who met, married and lost Aniston all in less than 2 years and after leaving the police became a Bounty Hunter to bring in parole violators. Aniston, a journalist gets arrested for driving into a police horse and on the court hearing gets a lead to follow a suicide case she believes has dirty cops involved. Butler picks up the tab to bring her in once she skips bail and pocket the £5k reward, as well as get the personal resolve of dragging his ex-mrs back to Jail.

What comes next is SOOOOO predictable - couple fall in love again, retrace initial wedding steps and solve the dodgy cop case.

When it ends you wonder how it managed to get you there in the first place. The actual villains were in it for only a short time at the end and it could have been so much more but sadly managed to successfully fail on every level.

Disappointed, an understatement. And it was in screen 4, so uncomfy seats. Radio 1 was right. Anistons boobs were the best thing about it.

See this if.................See above