Sunday, 25 April 2010

33, Date Night

There have been many American sit-com's that I love - In its day, Friends was great, more recently, Modern Family actually makes me laugh out loud and I have watched 2 and a half men, My Wife and Kids & Family Guy. But so far I have never seen 30 Rock and think I have been missing out. I have quotes of Tina Fey being regarded a TV comedy genius and I think who ever said it, was right.

So, Steve Carell. From Anchorman to Evan Almighty and who can forget 40 year old virgin, the guy is a legendary comedy performer. However, does putting two comedy greats on a bit screen result in genius. Maybe.

I heard the Radio 1 review of this and James King nailed it. The ad lib between Carell & Fey is amazing. Very funny. They work together as well as salt and pepper but you do feel that they are held back by a script that could have been so much better.

Mark Whalberg stars in a small cameo role which is unusual for him but plays an absolute blinder as the special ops gut who helps out the Fosters as they battle dirty cops, sleezy D.A's and a mob boss, Hmmmm.. Lets see... Mr Stereotype himself....Ray Liotta (who only get about 8 lines) Also, the chemistry between Whalberg & Fey is dynamite. The "glances" between the two say it all - and Carell does his best to "Man-Up"...Bless him!

Whats good about this is it is all about Carell & Fey. They are in it from the start and they carry it beautifully. The scene in the "escape" boat is funny, albeit for only a few seconds, as is the pole dancing scene in front of the DA, Laugh out loud humour.

This will not go down as one of the great comedy movies of our time but its definitely worth a watch and maybe a DVD Purchase. The story is a bit ropey with so much emphasis on the fact that a reservation was stolen? apparently in the states this is a huge misdemeanor, must be an American thing!

Anyway, This IS a funny film, so if you fancy a giggle then definitely give this one a go, even if it is only as a warm up to "Hot Tub Time Machine" due out soon!!!

See This if..............You have ever "done the dance"!!!