Monday, 5 April 2010

30, Clash of the Titans

I love going to see a film that gets slated, I love even more that the fat kid behind me was overheard saying what a crap movie it was going to be, yet he was still sitting there.

I love it when movie studios spend millions of a film, If I was a Hollywood Exec of course I would spend buckets of hard earned cash making a turkey, sometimes it happens but when we are talking CGI, 3d and Mr Avatar himself is it really going to be that bad?

In fact that's what I love about cinema - who cares what people think - you make up your own mind. You might not agree with what I say on these blogs but you will have your opinion as to what you believe. And that's what its all about.

Firstly, before the film, lets talk Sam Worthington. His 1st acting role was in TV drama JAG in 2000, since then he bowled around in "For Television" dramas and a few low budget films but made his mark in Terminator Salvation in 2009, Soon followed Avatar and now this. 4 months passed between release dates of Avatar and Titans and did you know he starred alongside Helen Mirren in a film called "The Debt" between the two? No, neither did I. He's no Oscar winner but still manages to play a blinder when surrounded by CGI and awe inspiring special effects, not to mention being part of 3d back to back blockbusters but time will tell if he can stand on his own two feet. (at least the wife thinks he's fit!)

That leads me to the leading lady - Gemma Arterton. Cute?....Definitely (and she looks great in this). Leading Lady?...Defiantly not. Bless her though, she is not as wooden in this as her other outings (Trinians & Bond to name two) but she is better than usual.

So the film. Whats good about this is that it is only 90 minutes. $32 Million Dollars spent on CGI & 3D averaging £350k per minute - worth it - MOST DEFINITELY!!

Whats great about Avatar, Gladiator & Lord of the Rings is they are all expensive and look amazing but are 3hrs long!!! Even the best films got a little twitchy about 2hrs 20 minutes in but this is over in a heartbeat and does not let up throughout its entirety.

The 1st 30 minutes is a history lesson, but it's the same story I heard at Percy Jackson & The Lightening Thief. Zeus, Poseidon & Hades, Demi-gods, Titans blah ramble blah ramble - lets get with the action!!

The special effects are awesome, the rest of the cast are also brilliant. Keep a look out for Jason Fleyming (Lock, Stock) & Le'Chiffre (Mads Mikkleson) from Casino Royale, who between that and Titans has only starred in a few small foreign films. These two are brilliant.

If I had one moan it would be the Kraken was disappointing - it only actually appeared for about 4 minutes and only really roared and smashed some buildings up before our hero Perseus showed it Medusa's head and ended its days by turning it to stone. The Problem is that we discovered earlier that it only worked on Man - so by definition the Kraken is human..don't think so!!

For £350k a minute you cant ask for much more. Its fast moving, the special effects are awesome and if like me, you grew up reading Myths & Legends you will be sucked right in.

Hollywood are looking closely at this and if successful then expect to see a barrage of new movies in 2012 based on Gods, Demigods & Demons. And I say bring it on... If someone is prepared to pay over £30 million to make me happy all for the cost of a set of cheap 3d glasses, a movie ticket and some M&M's I will keep coming back, over and over again.

See this if.............You liked Avatar but only have half the time!!