Wednesday, 14 April 2010

32, Whip It

Sometimes it is nice to be surprised. I remember watching Juno, swept up in the wave of praise it was getting but not really expecting to enjoy it, and then understanding and agreeing with the hype. So, Ellen Page is back, 2 movies and a Simpson's episode since Juno and is is a continuation of form.....


Drew Barrymore directs a ensemble of female talent including Page, Juliet Lewis, Eve and a welcome return for Daniel Stern from City Slickers and Home Alone fame playing the "under the thumb" dad.

The outset plays out like Dodgeball, without the visual jokes. Small town sport turn global phenomenon but this stays local - entirely set between Austin & Bodeen, Texas the roller Derby is a female led grudge match on wheels - like Bulldog on skates. Set in an old warehouse this does not claim to want to change the world - but pits small teams of angry, fish net clad beauties with attitudes against each other in a non funded, non rewarded sport of champions!!

So whats so good about this. It does not claim to be anything its not - its believable - this could be happening in towns all across the states - swigging beer and driving trucks, eating in diners and moaning about senior college. Its don to earth and fun.

Drew takes a back seat in the acting role and leaves the performance work to Lewis & Page with excellent performances from "Mum & Dad" and the best friend.

I knew nothing of Roller Derby prior to watching this and probably wont ever again but for 90 minutes it was great to see the story unfold and by the end of it you are urging them on in true Underdog style. It does not disappoint - set with a 12A rating we took Leah (6) but a few of the scenes were beyond her - an even though she loved the racing and the jokes it should of have the "A" removed, a 12 Cert alone would have sufficed.

Its a date movie for Teenagers, its a step back in time for Mums & Dads and for the general viewing audience, Ellen Page proves again she is destined for greatness and at 23, stills manages to pull of 17 beautifully!!

See this if......................Juno made you smile!!