Saturday, 3 April 2010

27, Remember Me

R-Patz. ??? 1 Harry Potter film and a Vampire Saga. Now a worldwide phenomenon and sorry, but I don't get it and I'm not that old.....yet.

He is great in Twilight but its the same role over and over (minus the teeth). Emo, dark, moody romantic. Pale skin, floppy hair & soft voice. Action hero....not a chance but for soppy teen idol - He's got it sewn right up.

Remember Me?, Remember What!!! The films started with the murder of a mum on a platform in front of her 9 yr old daughter, if you look closely the Mum is the girl with the glasses from the Goonies. Police arrive on the scene and the New York Detective who arrives is the husband / father.

Jump forward 9 years and we meet Patz who is running late for a cemetery gathering with his sister, mum & her new partner & his Dad, played by Pierce Brosnan.

It bowls along with no real explanation as to why we saw the murder at the start until Patz and his roommate go out on the lash and get in a fight. The copper on scene is the dad from the start then it clicks. What then plays out is the Dad takes a heavy hand to Patz and a few days later his room mate spies the copper and his daughter (now 19) and as payback get Patz to chat her up to get back at the dad. OF COURSE they fall in love for real and blah blah blah blah.

It is SO SLOW - nothing happens.

Parts of the story drip through sporadically. The Dad (Brosnan) is a tycoon arsehole, the sister is a bit geeky with zero mates (but adorable) but the main point is Patz brother commits suicide at 21 (the reason for the family gathering).

There is loads going on but it all kind of just gets misty between scenes. Basically it is Patz that seems to be the main link between the multiple story line. The "Remember Me" title, His Brother, Her Mum, maybe. But its only at the end that you get the plot.

The teacher steps aside of the chalkboard and the date is showing,

September 11, 2001.

It all falls into place. Its a shame that a film that carries so much meaning and sincerity had to be so dull to get there. I felt bad at the end once I realised the true meaning. The last 10 minutes should make up for the u-turns it took in getting there but then you think a little. You understand it.

Its just unfortunate the film was crap.

See this love R-Patz, are 14 & female. Otherwise - bin-it.