Wednesday, 7 April 2010

31, How to Train your Dragon

Its pretty much a given that if you have kids under the age of about 9 then at some point they will be tugging on your trouser legs, asking to go and see this movie.

And they should be.....

There are plenty of kids movies around this Easter, there are more than a few 3d ones currently on release but this one has something special about it.

The animation is better than almost anything else around currently and the story is unique and holds up. A village of Vikings, situated below the northern lights. For 7 generations they have battled Dragons on a day to basis until Hiccup, the chiefs son, manages to catch the un-catchable dragon, injuring it and then nursing it back to health and in the process manages to discover that the dragons are not all fire and teeth but like a tickle & the occasional fish.

The cast are great. Gerard butler as the Chief viking puts on his broadest Scottish accent and still manages a better performance off screen than he did on it in the Bounty Hunter. Ugly Betty is cool as Astrid, the object of Hiccups desires and Hiccup himself played by one of the "Knocked Up" crowd is funny. The current wave of young American talent that seems to be forever present again rears up with Superbad stars Jonah Hill and fresh from Kick-Ass, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin) playing absolute blinders.

The 3d element is almost on the same level as Avatar and the best so far in a complete animation movie. There is not much more to say. After all its a kids animation film and nowadays its hard to come across a crap one.

We are at a place now where they all look as good as each other, in fact even improving one after the other. The new 3d element brings them to life but far more subtly than the 3d of old. nothing really jumps out at you and I am yet to see one as good as Pirates 4d (used to be on at Thorpe Park) but I am sure as the tech improves over time they will get more "in your face".

Anyway, to sum up...can't complain. I laughed, My daughters loved it & the mother-in-law gave it the thumbs.

Fun for the whole family.

See this if................The kids make the rules!!