Sunday, 4 April 2010

29, Kick-Ass

This is going to be the hardest blog to write yet, and let me explain why. The premise of this film on the outset is simple. Teenage vigilante's dressing up in cheesy costumes playing wannabe superheroes.

Sounds simple - it's been done before right....Remember "Mystery Men", one of the worst films ever made? That's what I thought. But then I read the "See this if you like" section of the mag. Its described in the same breath as "Watchmen" and "Wanted", both 18 certificates. And this was billed as a 15, so what was so violent and gory that it was compared against the only 2 comic book movies to be awarded the 18 flag. Let me tell you.


I was totally taken back by it. In the first 5 minutes we meet our geek hero. And within the first sentence he has dropped 3 F*cks and its normal!

So, we are definitely not watching a kids comic book fantasy here, this is in the realm of American Teen Comedy, Superbad meets American Pie. The actors are familiar, maybe not to look at but the type is all too recognisable. Teen Geek fancies hot college girl & nasty mobster and his goofy henchmen own the city, cops and everyone else. That's the comic book part - it will make you laugh out loud.

And then something happens that will decide if you love or hate this film and believe me, there is no middle ground. its is definitely either love it or hate it.

This is full on brutal violence meets sweet teenage comedy. Kick-Ass is a geeky comic book obsessed kid who is sick of being pushed around. Deep in a world made up of fantasy girlfriends and slightly fat friends he feels there is more to life and set out to buy a costume and take on a couple of local street thugs. His 1st outing goes badly, getting stabbed and then run over but the full body surgery he undergoes to fix his broken skeleton requires the addition of some metal plates, and although not indestructible, he can at least take a slightly longer beating than most.

But then you meet probably my newest, most favourite movie character of all time.

She is 11

She uses the work Cu*t - (which made the whole audience look at each other saying..."did she just say...?")

She is an expert using butterfly blades

She packs every kind of weaponry


Okay, lets get this straight from the off. Depending on if you think its right for kids to swear and brutally kill in films, after all - in real life she is still in year 7! will pretty much set your tone for the rest of the film. for me - it was one of the best movies seen in a while, for you, you may want to walk on.

I do not know who this kid is but I think she was the best thing about it. Kick-Ass pretty much fumbles his way through battle after battle but basically she is the star, her and her dad played by Nic Cage. (He is a little cheesy though)

Where Kick-Ass gets by using a green Lycra suit with padded cheerleader batons and pretty much just sets out to ruff up the bad guys, Hit Girl & Big Daddy Pack leather and metal suits, mini sub machine guns, swords, knives and much more, what's even better is that they don't hesitate is slashing and dissecting their way through henchman after henchman - and nothing it edited out - you see it all.

There are bullets though the face, blades in the throat, even a bazooka in the chest but you cant get away from the fact that an 11 year old girl beats the living hell out of everyone including half the cast of Lock Stock and Archie from rock'n'rolla. The scene where Hit Girl goes one to one against Mr nasty mob boss (Archie from above) is one of the best in the film and its full on headbutts and closed knuckle punches. It's amazing to watch.

I cant tell you go and watch this if you loved Bat, Super or Iron Man movies, I cant even say watch this if you loved every American teen comedy ever made - it takes both of them, adds some awesome fight scenes, brutal murders and no holes barred action, mixes it with some sentiment and a little bit of the "Awwww" Factor and what comes out the other end it amazing.

I would watch this again tomorrow, and then again until the DVD is available. you will need an open mind for sure but its a film and if you take it with a pinch of salt then you should be fine. Leave your morals at home and enjoy!!

It makes you wonder. Kick-Ass has a point. All you need is a suit, some basic fighting skills and a form of weaponry and anyone can do it. Real superheroes don't exist (apart from Batman...obviously!!) but average Joe, making a stand...why not??

Personally, see this film - soon. But if you hate it, sorry.

See this if............... You have agreed with my views ion the last 28 blogs, you wont be disappointed.