Saturday, 3 April 2010

28, The Blind Side

After 2 dull trips to the cinema I was hoping for something captivating, funny and enjoyable and hoped the Oscar winning Performance in this film by Sandra Bullock would be worth the watch.

And it most definitely was...

I do not have a single bad word to say about this one. Its billed as a heartwarming, upbeat comedy and it totally lived up to the hype.

Its a true story and it makes you wish you were part of this family, the school, the town, the team...everything! not that our own families are not enough but you really wish you loved in Memphis, Tennessee. Well, the posh bit anyway!!

Nearly Homeless Michael is picked up by our endearing "mom" and taken under her and her families wing so he can develop an education, a family & friends and a Football Scolarship. There a bits that will make you laugh out loud and bits that warm your heart. Normally in films like this there is a time where either the pace drops off and it goes negative, only to be resurrected at the end but in this...It just stays happy - until the end.

Nothing goes wrong, nothing gets in the way. It is just a good old fashioned feel good movie. The Dad is understanding, The Team supportive, The Daughter sweet, The Coach manipulated, The Teachers protective, The Son - AMAZING! The Mum - Well, Bullock does good.

The best thing about True Stories is at the end you sometimes get to see the real people its about - in this one you see the real NFL draft footage from CNN in 2009 where Michael gets drafted to the Pro's and is makes the hairs stand up!! The real mum is about as southern as Mrs KCF and Bullock portrays her brilliantly.

Worthy of the best actress Oscar....Definitely.

See this want to smile!!