Monday, 3 May 2010

34, Iron Man 2

With any Marvel movie its the same, the first one is all about "becoming the hero" and we go through an awesome / horrendous re-invention of an individual, defining their fears and focusing on one true goal - if this works and the audience love it (Batman) then we are blessed with more. If it doesn't (Hulk) then Hollywood kindly put it to bed. So where does Iron Man sit, luckily the first one was excellent so it was only a matter of time until we were given another helping and it does not disappoint.

Whats great about a Marvel sequel is there is no need for messing about - it can get straight in there, we know the characters, the story, that Stan Lee will make a tiny cameo, everything, so its easy to jump in and get directly into some Iron Man action. Downey Jr is excellent in this, his character of Stark is as egotistical and arrogant as you want him to be with Paltrow picking up the Pepper Potts role beautifully and she is may favourite in the film by far. Sexy, Smart and grounded. Everyone should have one!!

Sam Rockwell is great as Hammer, Starks "rival" to put it plainly, not quite as rich or clever but just as cocky and in parts, quite cheesy. Similar to the role he played in Charlies Angels many moons ago but where in Angels he was Mr Main Villain in this, that honour goes to someone completely different.

Micky Rourke has had praise since a return to form in the Wrestler and this is a wicked performance. Playing a Russian Scientist, bent on destroying the Stark Legacy.

The plot works, Ivan (Rourke) manages to recreate the Iron Man Tech using the original plans handed down by his own father (Stark's dads original business partner)and shows it off with devastating effect at a Monaco Grand Prix. This comes only days after Starks own admission that no other government / agency is anywhere near recreating his own tech, demonstrated by Hammers useless attempts! Add in the factor that the toxicity in the suit is now entering his blood stream Stark is forced to work with the government while actually finding out his fathers hidden secret, a new element and blah blah blah, save the world! Superhero stuff, obviously.

Add in Nick Fury (S.L Jackson) and a few other agents of "Shield", namely Scarlett Johansson for some added good guy backup, a 2nd Iron Man suit for Don Cheadle (Starks closest pal) and all of a sudden we have a big old robot fest of explosions and kick ass guns (keep an eye out for the "ex-wife", got the biggest laugh of the day!)

No plot spoilers at the end though - its a Marvel so obviously the good guys prevail but Rourkes & Paltrows performances definitely stand out.

There is a lull for about 20 minutes in the middle when the characters all do a bit of soul searching but other than that is high octane action from start to finish - I loved this, Defiantly worth a watch.

Plus the AC/DC soundtrack throughout is awesome!

See this if.................You want a really good time!