Sunday, 9 May 2010

35, Hot Tub Time Machine

When I first heard Scott Mills on Radio 1 talking about this a few months ago I thought it was a wind up.

Then I saw a trailer with Chevy Chase and John Cusack and realised that this was actually going to be released.

When the 1st trailers hit the cinemas the outlay was a very cheesy step back in time with a dodgy soundtrack and the stereo typical tough guy, black guy, loser guy & geek.

So I was extremely surprised when what I actually saw made me laugh out loud more times than I can remember, even nearly losing a mouthful of Pepsi in the process!

3 Guys, A loser who watches his ex-girlfriend and all his stuff walk out on him, a suicidal alcoholic and a completely under the thumb ex-musician who grew up together and although still friends, have slightly lost contact rally round the alcoholic after a botched suicide attempt and decide to re-bond by a trip to the mountains, with a nephew geek in-tow where they had some of their best Summers as teenagers.

When they arrive time has not done the resort well until and after dealing with a moody bellboy (George McFly from Back to the future) with one arm decide to get wasted in the hot tub and after spilling some over juiced energy drink into the electronics they get sent back to Winterfest' 86.

Okay - the plot seems extremely ropey but there is something about this that makes it worthwhile.

Firstly, I am no prude but there was a hell of a lot of swearing in it and most of it seemed like the film makers thought they needed the swears to make it funny, which in places it did but the script came across as strong enough on its own.

The basic story is that this was this trip they all made in 86' where decisions were made by all 3 of the guys leading to somewhat not so great futures and now back in their old, younger bodies but with their 40yr old minds well in-tact they set out to make the right decisions 2nd time round - and in true Hollywood style - for the better.

There are loads of sub-plots, side stories and F-words but on the whole it pans out beautifully and is well worth a watch.

Some of the highlights were the constant "near misses" of the bellboy losing his arm, the abusive phone call to the 9 year old girl and the Black Eyed-Peas cover which was very different to the Wham & Bowie tunes that the 86' audience was used too.

Its a cert 15' so you wont take the (younger) kids but don't think that this is a cheesy crap 80's movie. Chevy Chase plays the Hot Tub Repair Guy and although only a cameo, any fan of Chevy's will love his return to the silver screen. The Geek is experiencing it all for the first time and there is the whole space time continuum of him not existing yet and phasing in and out of visibility which is also another sub plot.

This is a great movie, I found it hilarious from about 15 minutes in until the end and no one should be put off by the title - Cusack is still, in my eyes a great actor and the rest of the cast hold up well. Especially the chicks rocking the leg warmers and full on perms!

See this movie wanna step back in time!