Saturday, 22 May 2010

37, Prince of Persia

A huge percentage of movies we see today come from book adaptations, and that's fine, if you read. But if you are like me and not a certified book worm it takes the movie to open your eyes to what is going on - and I never hear myself uttering the immortal words "The Book was Better!?!"

But as I am not a reader, what am I.....easy. A Gamer.

So when I first saw the trailer for "Prince of Persia, Sands of Time" I knew exactly the plot, characters, settings, names - the works. And I could not wait.

Last year the game re-invented platformers with a cell shaded animation unlike anyone had seen before in a game. The fluid movement of the Prince, leaping from roof to roof, wall-running and swinging from ropes and lights was enough to hook me from start to finish. And I hoped the film did it justice. And it did.

Firstly, the action is immense. Really well done and then a hidden gem, well two hidden gems actually. Firstly, it was Funny!!! everyone had British accents even down to the cockney prince himself. The 2nd was Gemma Arterton - with each movie she gets less wooden, more attractive and as the leading lady in this one - nailed it!!!

I am not the greatest Gyllenhaal fan but this kind of changed my opinion - he played the role great and if, like me you loved the game they have managed to capture all of the movements fantastically and you notice very quickly the leaping from beam to beam, wall runs and flips up and down walls that made the game so appealing.

The story also holds up with a great plot line and Arterton & Gyllenhaal are perfectly matched with the rest of the cast and with Ben Kingsley playing the nasty uncle and Dr Octopus from Spidey 2 popping up as the Sheik, with a passion for Ostrich racing the whole thing is a great watch!

I hoped this would be a great film - and it turned out to be an amazing one - it was action packed, funny, believable (if Persians going back in time and the chance of the gods raining down apocalyptic devastation can be believable!!) and well worth a Saturday morning indoors when the rest of the UK hit fete's, beaches, Beer Gardens and Theme Parks.

My wife was pleasantly surprised, coming out entertained when she thought she would be watching a swashbuckling tale of fantasy - not really her cup of tea.

Its a 12a I think and apart from the snakes, any kid over 8 should love the action and swordplay. The special effects are great and finally, maybe most importantly - I will never say another bad word against Gemma Arterton. She Rocks!!

See this if.........Games beat books - EVERY TIME!!!