Wednesday, 19 May 2010

36, Furry Vengeance

Please accept my apologies, I saw this film 7 days ago but its taken until now to write the blog. And here is the reason why....

Think of the worst film you EVER saw...times it by 1 thousand...add a fat leading man and a wooden leading lady...add some dreadful special effects...take out all of the humour...make up a pointless plot...and you are still no where near to the apocalyptic mess that results in furry Vengeance.

This is the worst film in the last 10 years. Un-funny, dull, laborious, pointless, waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was going off Brendan Frasier since the Mummy III but in this he really does take it one step too far, and as for Brooke Shields......Wooden, old, dull, YAWN!!

The kids are pointless, my PowerPoint presentations hold more interest and thank god I saw it for free!!!

However.........There is one saving grace.

It stars Ken Jeong who for those that don't know, he is the funny Japanese man in "The Hangover" - the one with the funny voice - he is hilarious, its only a shame that everyone else was so dull that all his jokes were lost on the moans coming from the other cast members.

so that's it - There will be no spoiler here, believe me...there was nothing to spoil. My daughter laughed loudly, but only because she is yet to develop a sense of humour that exceeds farts and knock knock jokes.

Save your time, money and life. spend your £8 getting a tattoo on your eyeball that says MUPPET!!!

See this if..............CANT YOU READ!!!