Saturday, 5 June 2010

39, The Tooth Fairy

What half term would not be complete with a trip to see the most recent kiddie flick. The thought of the "Rock" camping it up in yet another poor, unfunny kids film was almost too much to handle knowing that my wife and sister were in the next screen watching SATC2 but never mind - what's the worst that could happen?

Maybe a pleasant surprise!

Okay, as with most kids films this one is not going to win any Oscar's and Dwayne's performance is on par with that of his recent PG outings - the last 5 movies have all been kids flicks and Grid Iron Gang was his last major role of any interest but believe me when I say that this film is not about him. The supporting cast are amazingly funny.

Take The Rock out of the picture and Stephen Merchant is absolutely hilarious as the case worker Fairy Tracy and Julie Andrews and Billy Crystal also put in memorable performances.

But in my eyes its all about Tracy - The lanky spectacle of comedy perfection taking the form of Mr Gervais witty comedy sidekick stands well and truly on his own two feet playing a blinder alongside Dwayne's somewhat lack lustering portrayal of a down and out ex NHL hockey player, busted to the lower leagues due to injury and taking on a new girlfriend and her somewhat disappointed kids. Carly, the girlfriend is played by Ashley Judd - her first major role since forever and in her defence - plays her role with a touch of class.

This story focuses on childhood dreams and a kids perception of what is imaginable - even with that saying I have probably built more into the story than the producers did but if you have kids they will laugh out loud. If like me, you find Merchant the funnier of the Gervais / Merchant partnership then this one is for you. There are some good points to the film but no spoilers this time, just watch out for the scenes with Mary Poppins and Tracy the case worker fairy - even if you laugh at those bits alone it will be worth the time and money spent on seeing your little cherubs smile.

See this if................the half term is getting too much!!