Wednesday, 16 June 2010

43, Street Dance (3d)

Who here loves "Britain's got Talent"???

Okay, me too - and the highlight is always the team dance troops (The good ones anyway!) so when my daughters started Street Dancing off the back of TV telling them they had to because that's what everyone did, my world was opened up to George Sampson, Diversity and Flawless as well as a string of American movie offerings like Step Up etc.

So when this hit the screens in 3D is was a given that I would have to attend.


Okay, I am no street dancer, a few drunken dad moves at a party but these guys smashed it up. The music, moves and atmosphere that this film generated was excellent. It starts out like an expensive version of "Britannia High" and the acting looks like it belongs in an episode of Dr Who (It's by the BBC so give it a chance) but quickly you forget all this and the almost 100% UK cast and their abilities, looks, dress and tunes shine through and both me and my wife were as much into it as the girls.

The group you know, Diversity only appear for a few minutes although George Sampson (Eddie) and Flawless (Surge!) are in it from the start and I was impressed by the appearance of Frank Harper (Football Factory & Lock Stock) as the cafe owner, he was a surprise. A few more familiar TV faces pop up including a guy from "Holby City" and another from "The Office" and it ended up playing out to be quite well acted.

There is also a good story that brings Ballet and Street together but I'll let you go and see it to work it out.

The soundtrack is excellent (if you have kids that love that sort of thing.....secretly me too!) and the dancing is fab!

I loved this film - and the 3d was excellent, very subtle and atmospheric throughout but kicked in when it really counted with a few hats flying out at you and kicks / jumps looking really good. I found myself bouncing along all the way through.

I don't have a bad word to say, the girls are hot, the boys are fit (say wife and daughter) and even George Sampson plays a blinder as Eddie.

Love this (again! will stop gushing now) - Its been out a while so be quick but see it in 3d as a must - go this weekend. Take everyone.

See this if.................. B.G.T hits your TV's EVERY WEEK!