Wednesday, 23 June 2010

44, The Killers

From the second I saw Tom Sellecks trademark moustache arrive on the trailer (and later discovering that there is a "3 Men and a Bride" film on the way!)a few months ago I wanted to see this movie.

It had this funny swagger about it that said action meets comedy and like the up coming Cruise / Diaz Movie "Knight & Day" (one of his 13 movies currently in production - including a MI.4!!)looked like a great rom-com meets action adventure with Spy meeting innocent girl, fall in love etc.

And I was right. From the outset this is a funny film and you are drawn to the leading roles of Kutcher and Heigl as the unlikely pairing who meet in France, fall in love, get married only for her to realise that he is an ex-spy with a £20mil contract on his head - but by who?? out rolls the plot, the brilliant story, a great twist and some fight / action scenes that would not look out of place in a new Bond Movie.

But the real attraction is not our doughy eyed love birds but the Mum & Dad pairing of Selleck & O'Hara (who for those of you that don't recognise the names, He was Magnum P.I and she was the Mum in Home Alone). They are brilliant. The mum especially is hilarious as you will see, not so much by her lines but expressions and actions throughout. He is the smooth talking sophisticated pilot turned wealthy globe trotter with an aire of greatness but one not to be messed with. They fir the roles beautifully and for me, the definite draw to the film.

Although you cant take anything away from the leading actors. Kutcher has become quite a headliner since his obnoxious Punk'd days and recent good roles in Valentines Day, What happened in Vegas & The Guardian have placed him mid way up the A-list with Demi Moore doing her bit to kick him a little higher, and as a producer on this film is achieving behind the camera recognition as well. Heigl is adorable. As she was in Knocked Up & 27 Dresses, even though she flagged a bit in The Ugly Truth she plays a blinder in this. Very funny.

So - I am not going to spoil it. I've seen it twice and laughed more the second time - even though I knew the plot in advance I still enjoyed it. A definite repeater worthy of a blu-ray purchase.

See this if.................You like a laugh with your guns and action!!