Wednesday, 16 June 2010

41, Letters to Juliet

So, in Mamma Mia! a new icon for romantic love stories made a huge splash onto the cinema screens and Amanda Seyfried was born to the masses. But, she had been around for a while before that. A brief appearance as a full on hottie in Alpha Dog along with some CSi, House Md & Law and Order TV episodes with her movie debut in Mean Girls has paved the pay for Hollywoods nicest and newest sweetheart.

She does not have the WoW! factor of Megan Fox but as the "girl next door" its obvious that Hollywood has taken this cutie under their wing and are rolling her out in one romantic flick after another with an appearance as Little Red Riding Hood in 2011 (and its not an animation!)

So I stepped into this film expecting a soppy love story. Blah blah blah.......yawn but to be brutally and openly honest.....It was a great film.

It follows a couple taking a pre-wedding Honeymoon to Verona, Italy as due to the Mr's Restaurant opening straight after the wedding there would be no time! It quickly becomes apparent that he is only there for the suppliers and food / wine tasting leaving our sweetheart alone, bored and with nothing to do in the city of love.

On an solo outing she stumbles upon Juliet's balcony and hundreds of letters left on the wall by girls who need Juliet's love advice.

Having never been to Verona I don't know if this is true but it could easily be.

So, she sees a woman taking down the letters, follows her home and discovers "Juliet's Secretaries". A gaggle of old Italian ladies who respond to every letter Juliet receives, spreading love and hope to the many heartbroken souls who descend upon this romantic city.

As an aspiring writer she joins them an upon discovery of a 50 year old letter hidden in the cracks decides to reply, launching the recipient into a mad dash across the ocean with snooty grandson in tow to seek out the love of her life, albeit 50 years prior. Now we have a slightly odd road trip movie with our heroine tagging along where, you guessed's more than the old lady (Redgrave) who discovers true love.

So, Is it soppy?...Definitely, but its beautifully acted, the setting are adorable and the English rogue's charm who who at the start, you believe is the worst actor in the world quickly changes your mind and you keep shouting !!!KISS HER!!!

This is not my normal choice of film but take a chance, take the Mrs and kiss her during the title will see why! If she is half as romantic as my wife she will see that softer side of you shine though. Shoot and Score!

Be a Man. See a good chick flick and enjoy it.

See this if..................There's a Romeo inside you, gagging to get out!