Thursday, 13 October 2011

147, Abduction

So incase you have been living in a hole for the past few years and missed a little known movie called Twilight you can easily be forgiven for not knowing who Taylor Lautner is.  My 13 year old daughter reminds me constantly that he is the man of her dreams and the posters on her bedroom wall confirm it - so it was quite a smug moment when I got to see this movie before she did, even though I was sworn to secrecy about its content!

After Twilight I was not sure if he could survive in other roles - setting himself up as the next all American Action Hero but in all reality, he did a pretty decent job.

Okay, so his acting for me is a little wooden but this movie is packed with action, fights, car chases and the supporting cast making Taylor look good is pretty impressive including Maria Bello (Coyote Ugly), Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter), Sigourney Weaver (Alien) and Alfred Molina (Sorcerers Apprentice).  Mix that in with the young up coming talent of Lilly Collins (Phil's daughter!) and this move manages to barrel roll along without any problem whatsoever.

Simple premise - Kid discovers his photo on a missing persons website and instantly believes he is abducted - not so much kidnappers but protectors, his parents (or so we believe) true identities are revealed as under cover agents keeping an eye on him as this real dad turns out to be one of Americas most important undercover assets.  Like father like son, Taylor then goes on a mission to escape the guys hunting him down and find out his true origins.

This movie is definitely all about launching Taylor to a wider market of fans and trying to cement him as the next action star - he is in every scene with biceps and one liners to boot and by the end of it I was actually quite convinced that if he loosened up a bit I could easily seem him as a young Ethan Hunt!

Obviously the immediate audience is his twilight following, and my daughter for one would have boycotted this movie had he not been in it - the producers have recognised this and its not long before my besotted daughter caught a glimpse of the six pack and felt satisfied that her "I Love Taylor Lautner" T-shirt was definitely worth the purchase price!!

Is it a kiddie action flick?  Well, not entirely - I was kept entertained and the supporting cast added depth and class without taking all of the attention away from our stars.

Don't let the "Wolf" put you off - 2hrs well spent.