Sunday, 16 October 2011

150, Real Steel

I was expecting absolutely massive things from this movie.  I loved everything about the trailers.  Its got Jackman (Wolverine) who is brilliant, Robots (Amazing), Big Stadium Sports events (Epic!), a troubled Father / Son relationship (Cute), Laughs (Needed!), Tears (Not so needed!) but most importantly its an underdog movie and how I love those...

So when a few of my facebook friends said they saw it and it was rubbish I was shocked, all my expectations had just been flushed down the toilet and I was now starting to doubt if my own thoughts of greatness would be tarnished, well luckily for me they were wrong!  This movie is Amazing, Fact!

It just does not disappoint on any level.  Firstly, its in the future but not a "space age - never going to happen" futures, a quietly reserved, not too distant future where houses, cars etc are pretty similar to now but "sport" as we know or in fact a combination of Boxing and Wrestling has been swapped out for remote controlled, full sized "robot wars" with hi-Tech, remote controlled warriors doing awesome battles in everything from the underground black market battles to the undisputed world championships.

The Special Effects are awesome - the smoothness of the CGI working with the robotics of these impressive fighting machines completely steal the show and the best thing is, it more than imaginable that in 20 years we could easily be taking seats at the RBC World Championship bouts ourselves.

Okay, so the Robots are great but lets bring it all back down to earth, the story is easily one of the best in a while and matched with some great acting performances we are blessed with a tale that will tug the heartstrings of the toughest movie goers with the Father / Son relationship being exploited for every crack it has as well as a behind the scenes love story, a family crisis and a definite portrayal of Who knows best.

Jackman is brilliant, an arse of a dad at the start but as expected he warms up gradually throughout the movie but its the performance of the kid, played by Dakota Goyo who steals the show.  He's brilliant.  From the first encounter he's got Jackmans character totally sussed and the "flair" shown at the battles with the "shadow function" dancing with Atom are real scene stealer's. 

There are plenty more great scenes dotted throughout the entire movie though with the Zoo, the Junkyard and countless more that mean this movie does not really slow down.  Its definitely and underdog "feel-good" movie from start to finish and I challenge anyone to give reasons why they don't like it - there is something for everyone!

The Robots are somewhat human and although just a barrel of bolts manage to define their own characters throughout which really bought some depth to them, very impressed.

For me, this definitely lived up to the hype, not too unbelievable while in the same breath futuristic and brilliantly animated.  It had the passion of a love story, the action of a fight movie, the relationships of a drama and the scenes in the arenas just manage to draw you straight into the ambiance of the whole thing with the rousing music and cheers from the crowd.

One of my favourite movies all year.