Thursday, 13 October 2011

146, Crazy Stupid Love

So I am really running behind on these, so much so that Google have changed the entire blogger software and I spent 10 minutes learning how to use it again!  Anyway, a few to catch up on so here goes....

I am a bit of a Carell fan.  From Anchorman to Date Night I think his naive charm is really something to behold and totally look forward to seeing him pretty much anything.  Crazy Stupid Love is a movie that follows Carell as his wife decides, after plenty of years of marriage to go for a divorce and Carell, who has not been without the love of his life since college is left to fend for himself and re-enter the dating game some 20 years out of practice.  Enter Ryan Gosling (to much of the female audiences delight) who is pretty much a wealthy playboy who never fails to succeed in the pulling stakes and leaves clubs night after night with a bevy of beauties.

After seeing Carells lame attempts at ice breakers he decides to take him under his wing and pimp him up a little bit, giving him confidence and raising his levels of self esteem (with a few hilarious side effects) but eventually Carell realises that his true sole mate is the one he spent all of his life with and sets about trying to win her back.

This is a great movie - there is a brilliant twist which also comes to pass in the movies funniest scene in the Garden and you really have to keep up at this point as the lines and camera cuts come quicker than expected with literally the whole movies premise being explained in a matter of minutes.

Julianne Moore plays Carells wife brilliantly and manages to pull of caring, seductive and sexy all in one go.  The shining performance is the amazing Marissa Tomei and what starts as Carells first one night stand soon ends up with hilarious repercussions with yet another twist brilliantly executed.

Its got the laughs, it got the tears and most importantly (for the ladies) its got the Gosling! 

If anything, it could have got the end a little quicker, there were scenes that did drag on a while but its worth it in the end.

Definitely not Carell at his finest but the same brilliant awkwardness as 40 year old virgin, just not as many laughs.

If you didn't get to see this at the cinema definitely go for the DVD rental - you wont be sorry!