Sunday, 18 September 2011

145, 30 Minutes or Less

I am officially a huge Jesse Eisenberg fan.  From Zombie & Adventureland through to the Social Network and even Blu I have totally bought into the awkwardness of his characters and love how they manage, against all odds to always overcome adversity.  From the early on-set of this movie you are again thrown into Eisenbergs world, a loser pizza delivery guy with an Indian best mate who manages to be ever so slightly more awkward than Jesse himself, albeit holding down a job as a teacher.

Listen early on and there is a little sweet jibe at "Social Network" with Jesse's character taking a "poke" at Facebook, claiming he does not go in for any of that, being completely off the grid and a few knowing chuckles emerge from the cheap seats.

So the plot, two hapless wannabe criminals call in a pizza to then abduct Jesse, knock him out and strap a bomb to him claiming if he does not rob a bank to get the $100,000 they need to pay a hit man to kill off one of their Dads so they can scoop a £10mil inheritance he will explode after the 10hr deadline.

So, first stop - a School! (which is brilliantly conceived) to rope in "best buddy" Chet to assist him in this foolhardy scheme.

Now onto the bad guys.  Well, its Danny McBride and his slightly goofy sidekick Nick Swardson who in my eyes, actually let this movie down slightly.   At this point I think it fair to let you know I don't get McBride.  I just don't find him funny and although he is genuinely cast in this as a completely retarded criminal with the mind capacity of a dodo, he still manages to overact his role and is best portrayed when only wearing the monkey mask.  Rant over.

Chet is brilliant - immediately goofy with a complete lifestyle crisis ensuing when it comes to robbing the bank.  however its his keeness to help his friend that manages to turn him into Rambo with a plastic gun and even manages to impress himself with his Bad-ass(ness).  Throw in the fact that Jesse is ever so slightly in love with Chet's sister and then on the flip-side, Chet being the reason that Jesse's parents split up causes for some riotous chuckles and you end up being swept along in this movie that barely covers 85 minutes of your entire life to complete.

There swearing, boobs, guns, bombs and even a flamethrower in there for good measure which keeps the movie racing along and with the worlds fastest Datsun as a getaway car what more could you ask for!

The Bank robbery scene is great, the Bomb and the cop scene is exactly what most people would do in that situation (forget "Protect and Serve") and the underlying love story of Jesse and Kate, although short is quite sweet.

Eisenberg fans will love this from start to finish and hopefully he might even grab a few new ones along the way.