Sunday, 18 September 2011

144, I Don't Know How She Does It

Carrie (Sex and the City) Bradshaw has been on our screens for what seems like forever and like Rachel from Friends, its hard to imagine the actress behind her in another role.  Well, Jennifer Aniston has managed it after a few attempts and now its the turn of SJP to shed the glam and glitz of the big city, lose the Louboutin's and swap Prada for Parenting as she becomes working mum extraordinaire.

"I Don't Know How She Does It" focuses on a working mum and her equally hard working husband (Greg Kinnear) trying to manage busy corporate careers as well as trying not to miss the all important moments of having kids.  Torn between work commitments, Kate (SJP) has to manage a busy social life and a husband that although understanding to her position, craves simple moments of calm with his wife.  Throw in a high powered business deal that requires loads of travel from state to state, a suave business partner (Pierce Brosnan) and a greedy colleague hell bent on stealing all of her thunder, as well as work obsessed Momo (who is brilliant the way) you have a fast paced mix of comedy, romance and uncertainty.

Is it a chick flick? Well, probably.  It does not have the comedy of Bridesmaids but still manages to keep you entertained and there is the constant will they / wont they between SJP and Brosnan and the juggling of home meets career to see if a happy medium can be reached.

SJP is going to take a little time to shake off the stigma of Sex and the City but so far she has made Seven (non SATC) movies since the TV show ended in 2004, all pretty easily forgettable, barring did you Hear About the Morgans? in 2009 and she has two more in the pipeline.  SATC fans will probably love it, there were certainly gaggles of girlies in the screening but plenty of couples too.

Not the world longest blog, not the worlds greatest movie but a time filler either way and one that might raise a few smiles.