Sunday, 18 September 2011

142, One Day

I was not quite sure about this one and would have been quite happy to easily pass it by, however with nothing much to do and a spare evening we headed out to see Hathaway's latest release, albeit slightly concerned it would be a waste of time.

Well, this movie follows two college graduates, Dexter and Emma who are romantically thrown together after their graduation, albeit slightly unsuccessfully.

The movie then follows the next 20(ish) years of Dexter's life, checking in on him every year, on that same day in history.  Each year we see how the relationship between Dexter and Hathaway's character, Emma is getting on through its highs and lows, being together and being apart but always being in communication from everything through his TV stardom in the 90's, into fatherhood and subsequently divorce thrown together with equal career lows and then ending up in modern day.

The question is though - does our adorable Emma eventually get her man that she pinned over and morally accepted for the past two decades, even with his many flaws?

Well, I hate to give away the end of movies and even though I thought this one was a little ploddy in places the story was bearable but even I cant bring myself to give away the ending on this one.  You need to see it for yourself.  Its, unexpected?

The movie is a definite staple of current cinema.  A movie that focuses entirely on characters and their own development, the relationships between men and women and also the underlying fact that you cant help who you fall in love with.  Its sweet in places, cringeworthy in others and as the years count down, Hathaway managed to remain eternally young and beautiful with the ageing process of Dexter easily more believable.

There is not much else to talk about.  Some of you may adore this movie for its script and character development and the ever present love story, others may think its soppy and long winded - either way, there is a story to be told and the ending is worth the long wait.

Not worth a DVD purchase in my mind as I wont need to see it ever again but i have to slightly admit, I was glad of the opportunity to catch it as a one off.  The biggest disappointment of it all though was Anne's very poor English accent.  She could quite easily of researched using old episodes of Eastenders and Emmerdale as language reference points and botched them together in a kind of way that makes the UK look like we all speak the same.  Error on all levels! What she managed to come up with was a miss-mash of north and south which just did not work.  Sorry Anne, can we still be friends?