Sunday, 18 September 2011

141, Friends with Benefits

After seeing trailer after trailer of this and the same jokes in each and every one I was hoping that they had not just picked the funniest bits leaving very little for the movie itself.

Luckily I was not disappointed as the Kunis / Timberlake relationship starts quite comically with a great airport scene and her immediate confidence as a recruitment professional making sure J.T gets to his GQ interview on-time.  From then on a great friendship blossoms with both of them coming from damaged relationships.  It takes a few beers and chat about sex being a necessity, not just a relationship perk that leads our two adorable stars into the sack.  From then on it becomes quite an obvious plot line as what started out as "Just Sex" soon becomes a whole lot more!

In my eyes though, although Kunis and Timberlake are great is the Woody Harrelson role that seems to get all the chuckles.  As the gay sports journalist from GQ he get the best lines and the one in the trailer about taking the "Ferry" is just one of his highlights throughout.

Aside from all the sex there are great relationships between the parents and families on both sides with Kunis's Mum being the equivalent of an 80's groupie, falling through the door drunk, picking up random guys and constantly disappointing her ever understanding daughter and then the Timberlake clan with his older sister caring for their poor dad who is suffering from early dementia and although saddening, quite comical with Timberlakes association with him making light of his illness with quite a heart warming airport scene.

The movie is brilliantly conceived with quite deep characters and family values.  The sex scenes are brilliant with the first, main one getting all of the laughs.  Imagine taking the romance out of sex and just being able to say exactly what you want and how without hurting the others feelings - well, that about sums it up and maybe not one to watch with the in-laws!

Timberlake in my eyes is just getting better and better as an actor.  Social Network was brilliant and although I was not entirely taken with Bad Teacher he continues to poke fun at his early NSYNC / dancing days much to my own amusement.  Mila on the other hand is completely adorable and after the success of Black Swan and a host of other titles in the pipeline (as well as the accolade of voicing Meg Griffin in Family Guy) I am sure that another Hollywood sweetheart has well and truly come among us.

It will make you laugh out loud as may times as it tugs at your heartstrings and with everything from Flash-Mobs to Kriss Kross thrown in for good measure, whats not to like!  Its a great little movie.  No complaints.