Saturday, 3 September 2011

138, The Inbetweeners Movie

So, hopefully by now each and every one of you in the UK who reads this has not bothered to wait for this blog and taken yourselves off to the cinema to catch a glimpse of this small piece of genius.

The Inbetweeners lasted 3 short seasons of literally 6 episodes a piece, resulting in no more than 9hrs of actual screened footage which somehow managed to draw in not just a cult following but a far wider audience than anyone ever expected.  With this overnight success someone extremely clever decided a full blown lads movie in Malia was the next step forward before our school leavers became to old to pull it off and somehow we have ended up with one the UK's biggest ever opening weekends and some legendary dancing scenes that have been captured forever on You Tube.

There is no denying that the Inbetweeners movie is a gross out, garish, loud, brash, rude & crude comedy that ticks every box for a lads holiday movie.  Will, Jay, Neil & Simon are everything you want from best mates.  The Romantic, The Idiot, The bullshitter and The Nerd.  If we are honest - we all fit in there somewhere and the best of us, well we manage to incorporate all 4 at some point.

What this movie does is take a little known TV series and max it right out.  They have gone "no holes barred" in this from Jay and his processed ham and goggles in the opening scene to grab a granny night at the worst pub in Greece and the best thing about it will love every second!

The boys completely excel themselves in this and supported by four lovely ladies that each lend their stereotypes to The Cute one, The Fat one, The Romantic one and The Geeky one mean you can see from early on that love could actually be in the air for or four hapless wonders - and not just in another of Jays wild stories!!

When you talk about this movie at work afterwards (and you will talk about it) one bit comes out straight away in every discussion;

The dancing.

Throughout the entire 3 series shown on TV, Neil is caught many times busting a move or 8 on a random dance floor or living room so its magical to have an entire section of this movie dedicated on this epic event.  The difference this time is after a few seconds of Simon and Will seeing Neil show how its done they also decide to cut a mean rug and then before you know it the whole cinema is in stitches for a good few minutes as they miraculously manage to work their way over to our femme fatales in the worlds dullest nightclub.

Its got everything you want from a good comedy movie.  Its got the laughs, the tears and even the revenge!  There are fights, bad language, dry humping and drugs.  There is romance, sex, bullying and ants.  Yes my friends, this movie has it all!

If you ever watched the TV series and thought it was not for you then the movie could change your mind quite easily.  Although crude, its done with a level of professionalism not seen in Series 1.  Our four amigos have improved their own acting ability since those early days and although still slightly wooden, manage to draw you into their world quite comfortably.

Its awesome.  I loved it.  If you have not yet seen it and want a bit of history first then Series 1 to 3 are currently showing on most on-demand services right now so take a Sunday out and watch the lot before heading to your final cinema showing of it on a Sunday evening.  There are definitely worse ways to spend a day off and in my eyes, not too many better ones!

See this if.........................................Just hearing the word "clunge" makes you smile.