Saturday, 26 May 2012

197, The Dictator

So this blog is really going to set the cat among the pigeons - as I'm sure in certain circles the movie also manages to do.  Ali G, Bruno & Borat all managed to set Sacha Baron Cohen away from the rest of the pack - daring to go into areas and subject matters that very few others would and for most of the time its worked.  there was slightly odd incident with the Khazakstan government basically declaring themselves outraged but then I read it saw an increase in their tourist trade by something daft like 300% so it seemed to all work out in the end.

This one however is a little closer to home with his character (Aladeen) being portrayed as an Eastern Dictator with a loathing for the Western world and not only is it current, but when the whole movie is dedicated to the loving memory of Kim Jong-il then you know its going to be one of those marmite movies!

Well, lets start with the most poignant bit - John C Reilly as the American Security officer is responsible for looking after the unwanted visitors and drops the line about him taking down the Empire State Building and there is a whole helicopter scene that with subtitles is completely innocent but for the American tourists also on board - plays out like a 9/11 re-enactment and this could obviously strike an offensive chord with many of the viewers but if you take it for what it is - and that is definitely more of a dig at what Aladeen represents rather than an American slating you should be fine.

So that's the political views out of the way - now onto the actual comedy element.  This movie is a very funny and completely inappropriate laugh-fest which is executed brilliantly by Cohen.  The additional castings of Ben Kingsley, John  C Reilly, Anna Faris along with many other sees he has possibly moved himself up the food chain a little and the cameo from Megan Fox is one of the best personal send ups any celeb could ask for.

In Wadiya, Aladeen's home country he as much revered as he is feared and there are some very funny moments, mostly already seen in the trailer from the Wadiyan Games and the hoard of virgin female guards at his beckoned call but underneath it all Aladeen is seen to be a lonely and deluded individual who's trip to America not only helps to slightly calm his loathing of the Western World but even fall in love with one of its residence, albeit a tree-hugging humanitarian which on the surface is as far removed from Aladeens beliefs as possible but strangely it works - brilliantly!

Obviously, this movie certainly wont appeal to everybody in the same breath as Ugg's for men is deemed cool but nevertheless - if, like me you are pretty much open to a full blown 'leave your conscience at the door' and take it with a pinch of salt then you will definitely see something unique and extremely funny but I know that those who find it hard to see how someone can take the tragedy's of many recent events and base a movie character around them ,especially one who's hiding Bin Laden in his back bedroom then maybe I suggest you give this one a wide birth.

Funny for some - not for all but if you can separate your emotion then you may find something worth watching.