Saturday, 26 May 2012

198, Safe

For most of you, this will have already been and gone by the time this blog hits the Internet but that's only because I've taken a while to write it but sadly, (and as a Statham fan I cant actually believe I'm saying this) in my opinion - it wasn't one of his greatest.

The Statham I know and love is responsible for some of my favourite movies such as Death Race and Snatch and even the totally O.T.T Crank movies make me smile, his performance in The Expendables is perfect, he does London 'Hard man' better than Vinnie Jones and with a string of ex-beauties including Kelly Brook in his wake he pretty much gets the 'Lads' vote time after time.

This movie seemed a step back for him and in what seemed a very over exaggerated storyline it was just not as believable as it could have been  A child genius is used by the Triads to memorise a very long number of which she quickly deciphers its a hidden code.  After escaping her Triad 'fake' dad she is chased down by the Russians, the Triads and NYPD and Statham witnesses her being chased through a subway station by some familiar mobsters so steps in and becomes guardian angel to our little phenomenon.

The thing that got me was there was not a straight, decent cop in the whole movie! Normally there's at least one or two but his entire ex-department, their chief AND the Mayor were all on the take and I just wondered how N.Y had not collapsed in on itself with so many enforcement officers taking back handers?  I know its being picky but some form of realism normally plays out that one or two are dodgy but he whole department?  Come on guys - you can do better!

Statham himself offered nothing really new and exciting - this just seemed like a time time filler to build up to the Expendables 2 launch but even Statham could have picked something slightly better.  The fighting was basic and the finale was over all too quickly with what seemed like a bit of a wuss out.

Its a short blog because there is really nothing much to say.  Its not 'shockingly' bad but its certainly not one of the best movies you will see all year and with so many great movies hitting the screens over recent weeks there is plenty more to spend your money on.