Thursday, 31 May 2012

200, Men in Black 3

So here we are.  Blog 200!  Approximately 400hrs, £1600 in tickets (if I were paying full price),  & approximately £600 in M&M's and Coke bottles and I find myself amazed I made it this far.  Yes there are a lot of movies and some have been good, some bad, a few intolerable and happily, some real gems but with over 20,000 hits - followers in many European and and International countries and a solid UK audience its good that you've stuck with me and here's too the next 200!

MIB 3.  Cant wait!  MIB 1 was legendary and Will Smith as normal has continued to convert a simple kid from the Prince of Fresh into a global megastar who is responsible for one of my favourite movies of all time (I am Legend) so I had high hopes for this reincarnation after a break of 10yrs since the 2nd instalment.

J & K are back and after being partnered for what is about 14yrs now and still as dry witted and comedic as they ever were.   This time we find our two suited and booted alien officers come across an escaped villain from the newly created 'Moon' prison hell bent in jumping back in time and seeking revenge on a younger 'K' for taking his arm with the cost of his life.  Sadly, he succeeds and on a normal trip to the office, J realises something has changed.  Luckily the new commander and chief (O, sadly Z passed away) quickly believes his story (why wouldn't she!) and dispatches him back to 1969 so he can find K, kill 'Boris the Animal' and return the time line to its actual state.

They plot may easily lose some of the younger audience as this has been given a PG rating as its is easily kiddie friendly, albeit Boris is a bit scary to those under about 6ish but its all childish fun.  The time jump thing always needs explaining in some circles - I'm convinced I will at some point have to explain the mechanics behind the Back to the Future Trilogy and it doesn't get any easier but its one I'll happily continue to explain - as I love it!

This one however is explained pretty simply with no time space continuum ruined if future selves meet older selves and because of that it keeps it easy to read, act and understand.  Will Smith again is on form as previously mentioned but I found a new adoration for Josh Brolin - many of you wont identify him with his role as Mikey's older brother in the Goonies (I didn't) and in True Grit he just seemed a little creepy but this role was perfect - the Tommy Lee Jones accent, well he matches almost to a complete tee and even manages the brow, wit and charm of his alter ego only this time, a little more relaxed and comedic.

The special effects are pretty impressive - easily up to date with modern requirements and the soundtrack is back with the same beat and vigour as it always had.

In my mind - this is the best of the three, proving that if you take a classic, don't rush it - add the same brilliant ingredients but with the added extras of extra cash, computer technology and a new twist you'd have to be pretty stupid to fail.  Not only did they manage to combine all the above but they added one of the cutest twists at the end and this one will bring tears to your eyes - no matter who you are!

This is a brilliant third instalment and from this alone I hope they make a 4th - shame is, Brolin wont be involved as surprisingly enough Will managed to sort everything out in the end but I'm sure you guessed that.