Tuesday, 7 May 2013

252, The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Sometimes you don't need that many words to describe a movie.  In the case of Timothy Green, by the time this blog gets written its probably already on DVD! however it would be rude not to at least acknowledge it as a cute movie that allows Disney to roll out out an already done movie plot - but with a twist.

As many of you will know, Nanny McPhee was the story about a lady who descends upon a family of unruly children and with each behavioural lesson learnt - her appearance improves, losing a sizable waist, a few warts, dodgy teeth etc along the way until the newly semi-fit McPhee has done her job, the kids are behaving and she moves onto the next lot - a twist itself on Mary Poppins.

Well, this film sheds a new angle on the above plot however this timeout we see a flip to parents needing guidance, not children and it opens with a childless couple who sadly cant conceive so decide to write all the things they would want for in a child and put them in a keepsake box, planted in the garden.  That evening - after a freak storm that sees rain fall in a drought ridden town somewhere is the States albeit only above their house gives birth (or growth) to Timothy Green - an adorable kid with the unique ailment of having leaves growing from his legs.

The rest of the movie?  Well that's sweet.  Each time one of the parents wishes comes true a leaf falls from the leg until all their dreams have come true and then its time for Timothy to move on.  Along the way you get some adorable stories being played out that will bring a tear to the more emotional of you and your kids will love it but fear not! As in all Disney movies - of course there is a happy ending.

As for cast - well, The parents being Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton are definitely well matched and easily likable as the distraught wanna-be parents as is Timothy himself, played by CJ Adams in only his third movie since 2007.  The rest of the cast are made up of a few recognisable faces but mainly - the focus is on the main three.

As far as feel good movies go - this one is definitely up there with a few tears for the those partial to a sweet story and if that's you - enjoy!