Tuesday, 21 May 2013

258, Fast & Furious 6

Not many movies make it to a 6th instalment ever and keep the audience hooked - obviously, Bond is a stand out reference to a successful franchise (albeit re-vamped time after time) but over recent years there is far fewer than you may think.  Harry Potter, Saw, Nightmare on Elm Street & Police Academy are a few that spring to mind and each have secured a loyal fan-base along the way but for me - Fast & Furious 6 tops the lot.

I love this movie, infact - I love all of the movies.  Although the story flows smoothly from Part 1 (12 years ago) right up to the newest instalment they have swapped in and out cast members and not been afraid to introduce new stars along the way.  Recently, The Rocks involvement from Fast 5 and 6 for me really ramped up the action, both as an adversary and as an ally and it just proves once more that if written, shot and acted well - a good story can go a long way.

Episode 6 sees our gang of happy street racers relatively secure in their non-extradition countries, living well of the $100 Million heist form the last outing but this time around, its The Rock who comes looking for help to take down a new wave terrorist who brings more than just violence and mayhem - he brings Letty - Back from the Dead!!!  More than enough reason for Dom, Brian and the rest to come out of retirement and give something back - with the added bonus of full pardons if they pull it off.

The action here doesn't stop from the second the movie opens and as before, you are swept along for a fast paced, adrenaline fuelled adventure that will have you screeching out of the car park yourself by the time it's all finished!  Shaw, the newest enemy is an ex Special Forces operative, keen to steal a microchip that could spell total devastation for the world as we know it and Hobbs (Rock) has no choice but to enlist the help of the gun-ho street racers to help draw him into the open.

Most of this movie is filmed in London and it never looked better, hurtling around the West End in scenes filmed out in the open while the rest of us were glued to the Olympics.  Shot from street level as well as helicopter cams, the chase and ace scenes merge seamlessly around our beloved Capital with ease, only with far less Police to be seen although there is a welcome jibe to the number of 'big brother' CCTV cameras on show at every curve, crossing and street light.

The cast is better than ever although sadly missing our Mexican duo this time out (stuck at the Vegas Casinos) but Dom, Brian, Mia, Han, Gisele and (on finest form), Roman are all back with vengeance.  It's funny, sexy and breathtaking and has a few stunts that will make your heart stop - with the Tank / Bridge scene a firm favourite.

Sadly - I do have one gripe with the whole thing - the final scenes with the aircraft and Shaw's getaway seem to have been filmed on the world's longest ever runway!  Almost an entire 20 minute action sequence, shot entirely as a military cargo plane just keeps going and going and going - great to watch, but entirely unbelievable.  Such a shame, but if you ignore the continuity - the action makes up for it.

Finally, the credits.  Don't get up and leave just yet.  It's no secret that filming is already underway on Part 7 but who's the enemy next time out?  Well, that's the spoiler that even I'm not brave enough to give away but trust me, it's a crowd pleaser and one that will hear the audience gasp but most of all, it will without doubt ensure you book your seat early for the next one!