Tuesday, 7 May 2013

253, Oblivion

There is no denying that everyone loves a Tom Cruise Blockbuster.  The M.I Movies are some of my favourites and dating back over 20 years - Cruise seems to deliver every time.  

On review of the trailers, Oblivion looks like yet another epic Sci-Fi blockbuster with Cruise at the helm in a beautifully crafted masterpiece set to deliver on almost every level.

Oblivion sees the world after global Alien warfare, a battle won by the humans but due to Nuclear fallout, to the cost of the planet and civilisation (as we know it) now lives somewhere else in constructed Space Stations. 

Our Hero - Jack (Cruise) is one a few remaining technicians who's role it is to repair and maintain the drones, still surveying the land in a bid to expel any remaining Alien hoards.  Limited to a specific region of land due to uninhabitable radioactive territories, Jack and his female counterpart (and systems controller) Victoria (Riseborough) live and almost recluse lifestyle with only the voice of the base camp as a daily reminder they are not alone.

That is until Jack starts getting flashbacks from a supposed time once lived with a person he believed he knew and goes about daily life until he comes across a wrecked shuttle with human survivor's (albeit in stasis) and low and behold - its the dream girl! 

The entire build up to this movie was based around an Alien invasion and it would be wrong of me to spoil the plot for anyone not yet seen it - suffice to say the involvement of Morgan Freeman totally changes the premise of this movie and although for me, this film did take a while to get going - once the truth was explained - the pace certainly does pick up and after a slow start, the 2nd part of this movie is certainly worth the wait.

There is no denying that Oblivion isn't a beautiful movie - the special effects are stunning and the locations are baron and mesmerising however with the aforementioned ploddy beginnings it dropped a few points for me but that was more than made up for at the end - just a shame it took so long.

Cruise however is great, he really draws you into his world with seamless interactions which in the early stages are just him and the wasteland.  The rest - well, that's for you to find out but if I could say one thing - don't expect what you're expecting!