Friday, 13 November 2009

5, A Christmas Carol

Okay, So we all know the story. Scrooge, 3 Ghosts, Cratchett, Tiny Tim, Blah Blah Blah!!! and so far, The Muppets Version is AWESOME !!! But this one really does cut the mustard!!

I have seen a few 3D movies now since the new revolution (even at xtra cash per movie!!) but so far it has all been a few 3D bits here and there...............not any more!!!

This movie is Excellent, 3D from start to finish, It takes the story that we all know and love. Add Jim Carey, Sirius Black & Mr Darcey and all of a sudden the film takes off. It's a Disney PG so of course it screams KIDS!!! but mine shit a brick to say the least. Yes it's got ghosts, death, etc but when you introduce Devil Horses, The Grim Reaper with claw hands, a creepy Marley with a green face and dodgy teeth & 3D it makes kids jump (and adults, the guy behind me kicked my seat 4 times!!).

But I loved it!!! Not as a cartoon / animation but a story made real and great use of the 3D technology. The next 3D one I see will probably be Avatar and that is supposed to be awesome so hopefully the 3D phenomenom is now worth the money (and we can re-use the specs)

See this if...........Just See it!!