Thursday, 26 November 2009

7, Twilight - New Moon

Every day I seem to hear "The book is better than the film", is it an imagination thing?, does "working it out yourself" always make for a better interpretation or like me, do you just want your stories told in 2 hours, job done, move on?

I have not read the books but I loved the first film and the sequel was always going to have a lot to live up to. This blog is not about explaining story lines but for a snap shot, girl & Vamp are in love, Vamp cant handle pressure & leaves, girl falls for werewolf, vamp gets jealous, werewolf turns hairy, vamp returns, werewolf gets jealous, girl goes back to vamp, it end, ABRUPTLY!!!

So, plot over and I was right, it did have a lot to live up to but how many sequels actually improve on the original?, Empire Strikes Back - Definitely, Ace Ventura - Not a chance and as for Chipmunks 2 - The jury is out until the kids drag me along but nether the less, it was still a cracking movie.

The special effects (mainly the werewolf transformations) were well done, the story ran smoothly, although appears a little slow to get going and the cameo as the head vampire from Mr Clough / Tony Blair / Kenneth Williams / Last weeks Top Gear? (keep up) was excellent.

Before going I ran a facebook vote, Vamps or Werewolves and Vamps won outright, Team Edward was all set for my support and they were right, the Vamps are cooler & sexier and given the choice of being either, VAMP, every time !! Bella definitely shows signs of heartache and you really get involved with her story, losing Edward, falling for Jacob etc but its obvious the outcome, (spoiler alert) but EVERYONE in the cinema was expecting her to be turned at the end and just when you thought Edward was going to do it IT ENDED !!!, just like that ! - Gutted.

Ob the up side, Eclipse (Part 3) is already filmed, in post-production and due for a 2010 release so not too long to wait to see it all come together.

Its a 12a so kiddie friendly, but after nightmares from the youngest after watching "9" and even "Christmas Carol" we decided to leave her at home and glad we did. Werewolf bits are not jumpy as expected but still a few yelps from around the audience and teenage girls all swooning when Jacob and his clan bowl around in denim short and nothing else (given reason - 114c body temp??) (actual reason - female audience!!)

It's good - See this if.................You get "sucked" in !!