Wednesday, 18 November 2009

6, 2012

I have been looking forward to this movie since the 1st trailer was shown about 6 months ago. I love CGI Extravaganza movies and was gutted when I heard everybody slate this film. Radio 1 - Hated it!, The Guardian - Hated it! in fact, it was hard to find anyone who vaguely liked it.

But I have no idea what they are all taking about. Yes, the CGI is pretty much throughout the entire movie but I agree with Chris Moyles, how the hell can you make a movie about the end of the world without CGI!!

Two of my Favourite movies of all time are Gross Point Blank and Pushing Tin, fair enough they are not that well known but John Cusack is in both of them and he is ace!!! This does not disappoint, the everyday Joe turned hero who happened to work for a Russian Billionaire (as his chauffeur).

The movie kicks off with the discovery that devastation is coming 3 years in advance and the government goes about planning what to do. Luckily, a camping trip into Yellowstone Park for Cusack and the kids leads to information that the end is nigh from a hippy conspiracy theorist (Woody Harrelson) and Cusack takes it under advisement until things start to pan out as predicted. After about half an hour the pace kicks off and bring on the special effects!! It does not stop from then on and after 3hrs of it I could still have watched it over again!!!

The whole thing leads to pretty much half of the east coast collapsing into the sea, this brings on Tsunami's and characters on land, sea and air all get hit with a variety of mega natural disasters. It's every disaster movie you have ever seen rolled into one and the main cast are brilliantly played out.

Once the East Coast vanishes its a race to find the only safe ground where a plan is in place to save about 300,000 of the entire population. I won't spoil the end plot, other than it all goes to shit but the "plan" they come up with is slightly believable and the Chinese appear to save the day, as always.

This is an awesome movie, don't believe the (bad) hype and if you like Action, Disasters, Explosions, Special Effects etc then check it out. Cusack is under appreciated in the lead role and is brilliant.

Since O'Bama came to power its inevitable that Black Actors now get a shot at being "The Man" and normally you would expect Morgan Freeman to lead from the front but the ageing legend steps aside to allow Danny "Lethal Weapon" Glover into the fray and he does a great job.

See this if...........You Want a Great CGI Experience!! - Its Brill!