Saturday, 28 November 2009

8, Law Abiding Citizen

My 6 year old daughter loved him in "Nims Island", My Wife loved him in "The Ugly Truth", I loved him in "300 & Rock 'n' Rolla", in-fact it would be hard to find a movie that Mr Gerard Butler has done recently that was not loved by someone. And "Law Abiding Citizen" is Brilliant.

In most films there is a good guy & a bad guy, but this movie manages to take these two roles, switch them round and then return them back, which means you totally understand why Butler does what he does and you also fully believe that Foxx acts how he acts, but on the flip side, Butler goes too far and Foxx should have known better.

As I mentioned in the blog for New Moon, I'm not here to tell you how it ends, but this movie is both sincere & heartwarming as much as it is gruesome and cruel and at every turn you are drawn into the realism of the story and end up questioning how you would act, given the same situation?

Gerard is amazing in this role, The play off of Heartwarming Dad against Psychotic Murderer are evenly placed in the plot and the first 5 minutes are harrowing (whether you are a parent or not!), but at every turn you want him to avenge his family, although the fact that he claims all are guilty, even through association are questionable, but what a movie!!

It's an 18 cert but there is no nudity, no sex, not even extreme language - in fact, the only part that suggested "adult" was the murder of the cell mate (which would have made Wes Craven Smile) but apart from that it was a 15, over and over again.

I left this film moved, satisfied and glad it ended as it did, (spoiler alert!!), Butler, for his actions deserved the ending, Napalm! His murdering of innocents through association was wrong, but the state was on trial by him, not the man, and the the full bloodied belief of failure in the system led him to do what he did. The technical plot of his actions was brilliant and this plays out right up until the end.

If you have kids, you will be moved - you will believe, you will also understand Foxx's position and that of his family and in the end, stand along side the D.E.A, believing justice was served. Albeit, glad that those that died, did. (Except the blonde attorney, she did not need to be there).

See this if...............You question authority and stand for your beliefs!