Monday, 2 January 2012

162, Chipmunks 3, Chipwrecked

Well, Even I cant see every movie that gets released and luckily, this was one I was quite happy to miss out on as unfortunately, Chipmunks don't really do anything for me.  so, not to let the kiddies down my 8 year old daughter Leah toddled herself along with her Mum to see Chipwrecked and decided she wanted to write the blog instead - so without further ado, here is Leah's first blog.  Enjoy!

"Justin long, Matthew Gubler, Jesse McCartney, Amy Poehler, Anna Faris and Christina Applegate all squeezed into one, big, joyful movie.

Dave takes everyone out on a nice family vacation, (family? their Chipmunks!!!) they go on a luxurious cruise called the carnival, there mascot is a pelican, alert, alert, Uncle Ian is back, (otherwise known as David Cross)

Ian’s the pelican!!! Anyway, let’s get back to the basics, Alvin, (the mischief maker) he’s gliding,   on sun cream!!! But now, it’s time to shake your tail because it’s time to take a trip to the casino.

Dave is having dinner with Captain Correlli to apologise for what everything Alvin did. But he didn’t know, did he? Before he exited the room, he said to Alvin he trusts him (has that man gone crazy!!!)

Dave said they could watch a movie. Instead of watching happy lolly (Theodore’s suggestion) Alvin put on jungle monster 2. After Alvin convinced Theodore to watch a horror film, he ripped of his hoodie and came out in white evening wear. When Alvin left the suite Simon ran after him yelling “Come back here Alvin!” But then the Chipettes wanted to hit the dance floor.

My best bits probably have to be when they were zip lining to Zoe’s hut, Brittany made a better hut than Alvin and at the international music awards when they sung firework by the amazing Katy Perry and born this way by the world famous Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga should be in this film because her songs are in it not 1, but 2 times!!! There are some other songs mentioned in the film like, firework by Katy Perry, and survivor by destiny’s child. But hey, let’s not forget Bad Romance sung one again by the world famous Lady Gaga." 

So there you have it - Chipmunks 3 written by an 8 Year old.