Thursday, 26 January 2012

168, Haywire

So after recent female assassin movies ticking so many of my "like" boxes, namely Salt & Columbiana I had very high hopes for this most recent female ass-kicking extravaganza.  The mixed martial arts femme fatale a.k.a Gina Carano is paired with male leads Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum & Michael Fassenbender and the whole movie basically focuses around our leading lady kicking the ass out of these three colleagues. 

Its a movie about betrayal - set up for a fall by her boss, Mallory (Carano) works out her boss is trying to have her killed and sets about seeking revenge on her one partner in both home and work.

There is no denying that the fight scenes in this are not totally brilliant - Mallory certainly steals the show but its hardly tough opposition as she takes on one of the GI Joe's, a young Magneto and a Jedi Knight!  Michael Douglas also puts in a lovely little performance and its good to see him back on the big screen.

The only thing about this is it seems to fill time between the fight scenes - its all or nothing.  Lots of 'artsy' music plonks along with the storyline and then you get these three moments of brilliance where each of our male leads faces up to our heroine.  If only they could keep the attention span alive between the action it would have been far more appealing.

I don't really need to elaborate on the male performances - all are acceptable and no one really stands out.  For those who are unfamiliar with Gina Carano she was 'Crush' in American Gladiators, circa 2008 and also appeared in a host of Martial Arts movies and interviews as herself.  Shes a great looker, an even better fighter and if the story line slows you down then she definitely wont.

As I mentioned at the start, sadly it does not have the capturing elements of Salt or Columbiana which I had hoped for but it was a welcome break after some of the dross I've sat through recently.

As a time filler its fine - but none of the guys really make a lasting impression and it seems they are just there for same famous fodder for Carano to kick about.

If high kicking hotties are your thing then this is the movie for you, if not - it does not leave much for you to take away.