Thursday, 26 January 2012

167, The Darkest Hour

Here's my guide on how to make a poor, lame, cheap imitation of an Alien movie. 

First, hire a cast of nobodies but make sure one of them is mildly famous, let say the kid from Speedracer and a few cute TV actresses.  Add in an Alien force that we 'cant' see as its only energy and feeds off of our Electric supply.  Then borrow some special effects from Blade, mix that with the fact that nobody really survived an initial attach globally, reducing the need to pay extras, hire a dodgy crew of vigilantes with an armoured horse as transportation then kill off three of the main characters and end the movie with them escaping on Russian Nuclear submarine.

Well, that's what they've done with this movie.  Its so DULL!

I'm sorry,  I do try my best to find the good in most of the movies I've seen as hundreds of people have gone to the trouble of forking out hard earned cash to source locations, special effects and a B-list cast but when none of the above seem to gel together it does make out for a real waste of time.

I would have loved to love this.  its got all of my favourite movie credentials.  I adore a good Alien flick,  I'm a special effects nut and more importantly - After Ghost Protocol (a third mention in as many blogs!) Russia is my current favourite movie location but even that was not enough to swing it for me. 

Most of the acting was as wooden as that in 'Skyline' (Blog 69) and that's saying something! and it had less appeal than Attack the Block!.

Sometimes Hollywood get its bang on - Battle: Los Angeles is one of my favourite Alien flicks since independence Day (Don't moan - I love it!) but other times it just all goes wrong.  Don't spent £9 each seeing this one, Save you cash for the Muppet's Movie - Now that's going to be Amazing!.