Thursday, 19 January 2012

165, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Can you actually believe it was 15 years ago when tom Cruise first hit our Screen as Ethan Hunt in the movie adaptation of Mission impossible!  From the first outing I was hooked.  it had a level of gadgets and gizmo's that rivalled Q-Branch and the stunts and effects were jaw dropping throughout.  15 years on and nothing has changed, if anything, its just got bigger and better.

Sadly though with the 4th instalment there are some noticeable absences and the team we have grown to love is without the brilliant Ving Rhames although its nice to see Simon Pegg as a fully fledged Spy, even though the plot means they are working with a host of dodgy second hand gear due to the IM force being discarded.

As for the plot, Mr Nasty gets his hands on some Russian Nuclear codes and sets about to start panic globally and after being framed for the destruction of the Kremlin its down to Cruise and his new team of undercover operatives to bring law and order (as well as their own reputations) back in line.

The action is spectacular with Cruise dealing with the high flying antics on the outside of the Burj Khalifa Tower himself without the help of a stunt double and to say its breathtaking is an understatement.  Jeremy Renner is a good addition to the team as his performances in recent movies is fast upgrading my liking of him and once paired with the legendary Cruise and the comedic genius of Pegg is a good "straight" man in this movie.

The plot gets almost forgotten as the villain himself is very much behind the scenes in my eyes but with the movie lasting a solid near on 2hrs 15 minutes you get plenty of time to work out whats going on among the explosions and  gadgetry. 

Being "rogue" in this and without the support of the IMF its quite comical as to how they blunder their way through most of the movie with faulty gear and Peggs adoration of "Masks" is extremely laughable, especially when his machine to make them shorts out but in the end its gold, old fashioned spy work that saves the day and if like me youre a fan of Luther, don't panic too much - he does pop up for a few minutes but you have to wait it out.
If Harrison ford is not too old to still play Indiana Jones then Tom Cruise in my eyes can play Ethan Hunt 2 or 3 more times over.  The best spy movie since Bond and not wanting to put down my beloved British Agent, IMF have better gadgets (and cars! the concept Audi? in this is spectacular!)

If action, thrills and spills, high tension and a few chuckles are what you look for in a movie then this ones got your name all over it - it might even be good enough for me to by the 4 collection box set on its release, especially as currently there is no MI5 announcement.

Enjoy - its Brill!