Friday, 27 January 2012

169, The Sitter

I was a little bit nervous about seeing this one.  The trailers made it look funny but with Jonah Hill heading up the cast I was hoping not to see him in yet another dull, stoner role that's been reprised way too many times, putting him into the stereotypical "Seth Rogan" genre of repeat performances.  luckily - this movie is so much more than that and to say I was surprised beyond belief, is an understatement.

Hill plays an over caring but lazy, out of work bum who cant hold a job and finds it even harder to hold down a girlfriend, however the opening scenes of this movie set the scene perfectly for what about to come and although he's "in" a relationship you quickly realise its very one sided.

Its only when he's asked to baby sit his Mums friends kids so they can go on a double blind date does he actually begrudgingly take some responsibility but when his dream girl invites him to a party on the promise of 'full on sex' providing he scored some drugs on-route does his selfishness take over and with kids in tow, set off in a minivan to get his perfect present!

In my eyes, this is Jonah's best performance to date.  Yes, he still has the Stoner look about him but hes far more charismatic and likable in this than most of his other flicks.  As with most films like this though he is copletely overshadowed by the three kids that accompany him on his whirlwind tour nightclubs, drug dens and back alleys and one in particular, the adorable Blithe played by total newcomer Landry Bender (about 9 years old?)  who completely steals the show.

She is portrayed as a celebrity loving, wannabe "IT" girl with her heart set on a life of parties and dancing but its here complete cuteness and naivety to the real world that makes this very funny character so totally lovable!  Mixed with her anxiety stricken older brother Slater and Mexican foster brother Rodrigo the three of them are side splittingly good with Rodrigo hell bent on blowing up lavatories with Slater discovering his true inner self.

These three kids mixed with Jonah's best performance make for a really good movie and if you can handle kids swearing on screen then like me, you should love this movie.

There are a few sub pots and some real heartfelt moments throughout but it races along quite quickly with car chases, dodgy cops, L.A Gangs, A fabulous Drug Dealer portrayal by Sam Rockwell and the now infamous, "Doublefisted Punch to the Nut Sack!"

I expected to be bored but it was the exact opposite - this was as captivating as Superbad and I just love movies where Kids get as involved in the violence as the adults do.  (Hit-girl in Kick-Ass being one of my all time faves!)

Very funny and engaging with some good morals thrown in for good measure - with the weekend coming you wont go wrong forking out for this one.